Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teaser Tuesday! CAROLINA HOME

Allison Carter pinned him with those big brown eyes, those just-licked lips, and every hormone in Matt’s body jumped to attention. “Can I buy you that beer?”

He ought to say no, he thought, regarding her fresh, flushed face.

Correction. He ought to say Hell no.

He liked to keep things simple. Allison Carter was a distraction he didn’t want, a complication he didn’t need.

Whatever she was looking for, he was damn sure he wasn’t it.

But her scent filled the cab of the truck, fresh and sweet, soap and woman and something else, vanilla with a hint of spice.

Matt rubbed his jaw, aware he hadn’t shaved since the day before yesterday. “You sure you’re old enough to have a drink with me?”

She narrowed those gorgeous eyes at him. “What does my age have to do with anything?”

Straight-faced, he explained, “You have to be twenty-one to purchase alcohol in this state.”

Suspicion dissolved into a smile. “I’m twenty-five.”

So, okay, she was older than she looked. Still too young for him.

But it was only a beer, he told himself. Only an hour on his way home. She was new to the island. No harm in being friendly.


Coming July 3, 2012, from Berkley Books!

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