Sunday, May 3, 2009

Which Children of the Sea Heroine Are You?

Choose the answer that best describes you.

  1. My mother is

  2. So out of my life

    A big part of my life--for good and bad

    An immortal creature of the sea

  3. My previous relationship with a guy lasted

  4. Days/weeks


    Relationship? You mean, getting screwed by my boss?

  5. When I'm getting dressed, the first thing I reach for is

  6. My chef's apron

    Something concealing

    I prefer to be naked

  7. My ideal vacation spot is

  8. A rocky, deserted shore

    An enchanted castle

    Who gets a vacation?

  9. The four words that best describe me are

  10. warm, energetic, nurturing, self-assured

    conscientious, principled, peace-loving, self-effacing

    free-spirited, sensual, spontaneous, outspoken

  11. Men tend to regard me as

  12. Invisible


    One of the guys

  13. In a fight, I reach for

  14. My kitchen knife

    My magical powers

    I'm not telling

  15. I consider men to be

  16. Potentially dangerous

    A pleasant diversion

    Lying rat bastards

  17. The following statement best describes me

  18. People depend on me

    I try to do the right thing

    I hate to be bored

  19. My ideal man is

  20. A stand-up guy in law enforcement who will teach me about tenderness and commitment

    A passionate, brooding soul who will remind me I'm more than a mother

    A proud, compelling stranger who will see strengths in me I never knew I had

What your score means:
10-16 (mostly 1s) You are schoolteacher LUCY HUNTER, the heroine of SEA LORD, associated with the maiden and the new moon. Still unsure of your powers, you are principled and stronger than you have ever imagined.

17-23 (mostly 2s) You are chef REGINA BARONE, the heroine of SEA FEVER, associated with the mother and the full moon. You are nurturing and fierce in defense of those you love.

24-30 (mostly 3s) You are the selkie MARGRED, the heroine of SEA WITCH, associated with the wise woman and the waning moon. You are sexually confident and embrace life.